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The world’s first smart, refillable, and fully implantable medical device for direct medicine delivery to the brain.

CraniUS’ Disruptive Innovation

CraniUS is developing the first medical device that enables chronic medicine delivery directly to the brain, powered by a novel wireless charging system.

Our Solution

The first fully implantable, wireless medical device that enables chronic and direct delivery of medicine to the brain.

Direct Custom Drug Delivery from the Skull Space, Invisible Under the Skin

Power System with Wireless Charging

Smart implant With Continuous Patient Monitoring

Easily Refillable

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CraniUS becomes the first company with a smart, refillable, and fully embedded medical device that effectively bypasses the blood-brain barrier and achieves long-term, convection-enhanced medicine delivery.

CraniUS LLC, an R&D company focused on building breakthrough diagnostics and treatments for neurosurgical patients with chronic brain disease announced a critical partnership with leading FDA-registered drug and device manufacturer, Medical Product Laboratories, Inc (Phila. PA).

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Power System with Wireless Charging

Diagnostic Capability within Smart Implant

Direct Custom Drug Delivery from the Temporal Lobe


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