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About Us

CraniUS began in May 2021 in Baltimore, MD, as a byproduct of the emerging field known as "Neuroplastic and Reconstructive Surgery”, through the vision, insight, and pioneering work of Dr. Chad Gordon.
Michael Magin, CEO and Dr. Gordon as Chief Medical Officer of CraniUS.

Our flagship device, known as the NeuroPASS, is being specifically developed to bypass the challenges presented by the blood-brain barrier, which has rendered traditional therapeutic treatments of brain disease ineffective. CraniUS utilizes a novel pump design and wireless charging technology to enable long-term and direct medicine administration via CED (convection-enhanced delivery), an effective method of medicine delivery first introduced by the National Institute of Health (NIH).

As several other companies proceed within the brain-computer interface (BCI) space and battle for market share in treating brain pathologies needing electrical neuromodulation, CraniUS has focused on leading a new frontier known as the brain-medicine interface (BMI).  This creates an expansive new platform in neurological medicines that can be delivered directly to the brain to treat multiple diseases.



Invent and engineer world-class technology to define the future of diagnostics and treatments for patients with brain disease.



Establish CraniUS as a world leader in medical device research and development of smart, implantable technologies for patients.



Be Passionate Change Agents for Our Patients
Identify and understand our patients’ and users’ unmet needs, and work tirelessly to create solutions.


Nurture “Pioneership”
CraniUS was co-founded by two pioneers. We will foster an environment where forward-thinkers drive patient and user-focused innovation.


Deliver Exceptional Engineering Solutions
Build a world-class medical device engineering incubator.


Celebrate Our Successes
A win for our team advances us toward a future of improved patient and user-focused outcomes.


Make “US” (Our Team) Better
It takes “US”, our entire team, to accomplish our goals. By bringing diverse skills together, we advance the output and quality of CraniUS.


Start with "Yes"
Leverage optimism and positivity as our mindset.

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